GCC Ms. Machinist 843U

This is GCC Ms. Machinist 843U. She is an excellent Machinist daughter out of a very maternal Irish Whiskey female, GCC Sioux Miss 6/85S, Ms. Machinist has given KCC what we think is an excellent 2015 Optimus Prime bull calf.

GCC Ms. Chopper Y136

This is GCC Ms. Chopper Y136. Her dam, OCC Miss Homer 361N provides awesome Angus genetics to complement Chopper's Simmental genetics. GCC Ms. Chopper has given KCC a solid High Regard 2015 bull calf.

GCC Ms. Chopper 233

This is GCC Ms. Chopper 233 out of GCC Ms. Emblazon 864U, an Irish Whiskey female. Ms. Chopper 233's 2015 heifer calf possesses the maternal qualities we value and will be joining our KCC herd.