Lot 8: KLH Miss Money

AMAA # 439225 & ASA # 3464725
Sire: Daddy’s Money
Dam: W/C Bullseye
DOB: 2/13/2018

With a mainly Simmental herd, we feel the need to diversify and try other breeds. This lot is the perfect example. Also able to register as a low percentage Simmental, KLH Miss Money combines the style of the Maine breed and the power noted in the Simmentals. We have been impressed with the Daddy’s Money calves being stamped with a low birth weight and a show ring look, with Lot 8 being no exception. To us, we feel this offering is the option package. Show her and breed her as a Maine or Simmi, the choice is yours.

Lot 11: Miss Bad & Boujee

ASA # 3464723
Sire: Pays To Believe
Dam: Broker
DOB: 01/04/2018

Flash back to 2014, we purchased this lot and lot 12’s mother through this same sale, making the Fall Frenzy come full circle. We were successful with the dam as a show heifer in 2014-2015, winning the Simmental division multiple times and a Top 5 finish at the MJLS Winter Classic. Arguably, however, her greatest success has been as a mother and in the donor pen, as evidenced in these lots. In many ways, KLH Miss Bad and Boujee resembles what her mother brought to the table. This heifer makes her mark with a big foot, power behind her and clean through her neck and throat. We feel that this lot can play hard in the purebred Simmental division and then continue her value through her offspring.

Lot 12: KLH Pay The Lady

ASA # 3467947
Sire: Pays To Believe
Dam: Broker
DOB: 01/07/2018

As previously mentioned, this lady’s dam has made her way to our farm after being purchased in the 2014 Fall Frenzy Sale. Lot 12 has specifically taken on her mama’s barrel belly and rib. Correct and level in her design, sound in her construction, she’s the type we want to see continue to grow the Simmental breed. As a program, we strive to offer pragmatic cattle that can stay in circulation, despite the trends and fads that face our industry. This heifer has the phenotypical and genotypical background to withstand the test of time and continue to produce dynamic cattle.

Lot 19: KLH Angel Eyes 819F

ASA # 3468992
Sire: W/C Bullseye
Dam: Commercial Angus
DOB: 03/02/2018

We have made extensive use of W/C Bullseye and we’ve been impressed by his strikingly consistency with calves. They have been notably branded with a maternal look, including a sweeping belly, soft assembly and comfortable structure. This red baldy is one that truly needs to be seen in person, as she will be a reckoning asset to your breeding program.

Lot 24: KLH 822F

Sire: GCC Gold Standard
Dam: TR Mr. Firewater
DOB: 3/4/2018

Lot 24 started as a bit of an experiment, needless to say, we got what we were looking for. In hopes of getting a heifer with show appeal, this offering presents phenotypically hitting all our marks. She’s flashy in her look, dimensional in her design, sound on the move and strong in her muscle profiling. Lot 24 offers the buyer flex between maternal and terminal breeding. Although she does not have any clubbing breeding in her background, we place confidence that this heifer is a unique breeding piece in that she can be bred both terminally and maternally. Ultimately, this one has been fun to raise and try something different and she will provide a buyer with the same excitement.